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This project aims to develop an Innovative Efficient Air-Conditioning System for Electric Vehicles based on Magneto caloric refrigeration and to design a new thermal power distribution and microclimate control strategies.

The system is based on the Magneto Caloric refrigeration to realise an innovative automotive heat pump able to assure the on-board thermal comfort and on the integration of the on-board thermal systems to improve the thermal management and the overall vehicle energy efficiency.

The project has the following major objectives:

  • Efficient automotive electrical compact heat pump (COP > 5 in cooling mode) based on Magneto Caloric effect using high efficiency magnetic materials, smart design and specific micro channelled heat exchangers.
  • Redesign of the vehicle thermal systems to distribute locally the thermal power and to regulate the batteries and electronic temperature also in very hot climate
  • Microclimate control system based on thermal comfort and able to limit the thermal power generation only to the really required quantity and to adapt the system to the occupants’ number.
  • Sustainable Cost thanks to the innovative technical solutions that will be adopted to develop the heat pump, to the thermal systems resize and their integration

The project results will be validated and demonstrated realising a prototype system on a small electrical bus that will undergo to a complete series of test, including range road test to verify the reliability and effectiveness of the system.

The project includes also a relevant dissemination and exploitation activity to promote the application of the ICE approach not only in the domain of Electrical Vehicles (passenger cars and buses) but also in the whole road transport domain as a standard air-conditioning system.