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Demonstrator vehicle

Daily Electric – What is it?

  • The first IVECO ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) solution
  • Daily Electric is the pure electric version of IVECO Daily
  • A full battery powered vehicle
  • The last vehicle born in Daily range
  • It is a 100% IVECO product

Daily Electric - Line-up VAN C-Class

The magnetocaloric HVAC system will be installed in the DAILY ELECTRIC MINIBUS A50/ELE.



The following table illustrates the main technical characteristics of the Daily Electric C-Class van.


Daily Electric – Electric system architecture



Daily Electric – Main components layout



Daily Electric – Traction batteries

The Daily Electric vehicle is powered by three ZEBRA batteries positioned on the underside of the vehicle.



The batteries can be recharged by on board batteries chargers and standard three-phase socket in about 8 hours. The batteries present the following technical characteristics:

  • Type: NaNi/Cl2
  • Nominal voltage: 278 V
  • Capacity: 76 Ah
  • Energy: 21.2 kWh
  • Peak power: 32 kW
  • Specific energy: 120 Wh/kg


Daily Electric – Traction batteries ZEBRA

Altra vehicles experiences with Zebra batteries:

  • Mileage with Zebra batteries: 1.000.000 km
  • 600.000 km with Sytral Lyon
  • 5 Europolis Electric since 2005
  • Availability more than 95%
  • Batteries lifetime over 75.000 km
  • Range E.O.L. 120 km
  • 300.000 km with EAV (Sorrento)
  • 15 Europolis Electric
  • 100.000 km with others vehicles


Daily Electric – Performance characteristics

  • Autonomy (3 ZEBRA batteries): 100 km*
  • Speed Autonomy: V max. 70 km/h
  • Slope capacity: slope at start** (standard) 16%

** configurable