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The ICE Project Mobile Air-Conditioning System

The Magnetocaloric Heat Pump Prototype

During the ICE Project, an innovative mobile air-conditioning (MAC) system has been conceived and installed in the IVECO Daily Electric minibus. The core of the system is the magnetocaloric heat pump prototype shown in the next picture.


MCU prototype for the ICE Project


The magnetocaloric heat pump has been installed and succesfully integrated at the rear of the demonstrator vehicle.


On-board heat pump (right)


On-board heat pump (left)



MAC System Layout

The thermal power produced by the MCU is distributed along the cabin of the minibus by means of an intermediate heat transfer fluid. The system can work either in heating or in cooling mode while controlling the air renewal. 

Layout of the air-conditioning system of the ICE Project


The change between cooling and heating mode is performed by means of external valves. In summer, the cold side of the magnetocaloric heat pump is connected to the heat exchangers in the cabin while the heat is rejected to the ambient by means of the radiator.


Layout of the ICE MAC system in cooling mode


In winter, the position of the valves changes to connect the hot side of the magnetocaloric heat pump to the heat exchangers in the cabin. In the cold side, the waste heat from the power electronics of the vehicle is used into the AC system.


Layout of the ICE AC system in heating mode